Lab group 2018 by fire
Sean Lee conjures fire from his bare hands to the delight of the 2018 lab group.


Adam Langley, Assistant Professor, Villanova Biology 2011- CV

Jocelyn Bravo MS (right) and Morgan Mack (left)

Jared Gabriel, Senior Thesis

Justin Robbins MS (middle), Damir Creecy MS (right)


Matt Hayes in Field
Matt Hayes, Postdoctoral Associate
Caitlin Bauer
Caitlin Bauer, MS Student
Sean Lee
Sean Lee, MS Student
Chuck Caitlin
Chuck Hyde, MS Student (left)
Noah Buzinkai, BSMS

Co-advisees from Chapman Lab

Emily Goeghegan, MS

Tess Adgie, MS

2016 Lab Group: Chelsea Barreto, Megan Foley, Drew Freed, Samantha Chapman, Adam Langley, Teresa Cannone, Tara Malanga, Tyler Rippel, Brendan Kelly
Brendan Kelly, MS
Megan Foley core
Megan Foley, UG Researcher
Teniola Egbe, UG Technician

Master’s Students

Melissa Pastore, MS 2015, U. of Minnesota

Bianca Charbonneau, MS 2014, U. Penn

Jess Reid, MS 2012, The Hill School

Kate Shepard, MS 2011, Drexel University

Shirley Wang, MS 2011, U. Penn

Senior Thesis

Tara Malanga, Senior Thesis 2016, France

Shannon Hagerty, Senior Thesis 2012, U.C. Santa Barbara


Sylvie Lee, UG Technician, 2015-2016

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